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Supra race is a major attraction for big Auto-mobile companies to get the young mechanical and Auto-mobile engineers into action and prove their talents. This race is conducted by SAE INDIA – Society of Automotive Engineers who gives opportunity to young talents to prove their metals. This is also an opportunity for the big brands to recruit the Great and creamy layer of engineers who are practically sound.

Supra Race is to be conducted in the year 2018 and here is the information about the teams that are registered in the supra race 2018:

STATE                                                 TEAMS

MAHARASTRA                                               48

TAMILNADU                                                   34

UTTARPRADESH                                           12

MADHYAPRADESH                                       11

ANDRAPRADESH/TELANGANA                   10

KARNATAKA                                                     9

PUNJAB                                                             7

UTTARAKHAND                                                7

KERELA                                                              5

GUJRAT                                                             5

ODISHA                                                             3

WESTBENGAL                                                  3

BIHAR                                                                3

JHARKHAND                                                     2

RAJASTHAN                                                      2

CHATTISGARH                                                  2

HARYANA                                                          1

ASSAM                                                              1

GOA                                                                   1

HIMACHAL PRADESH                                      1

Here you can download the full information regarding the teams participating in supra race 2018 :

Source: www.saeindia.org

Teams do build up their own supra cars that involves all things to be kept in mind that is suspension, thrust, steering movements, angle of turns, weight / mass distribution to prevent red ends splits and give smooth turnings without any accidents to happen.

Supra 2018 Race by SAE INDIA will be an enthusiasm for the spectators and the participating teams also. It will be soon scaled up to be open to most of the public. This race is still not that renowned and sponsors have to spend much in funding the event.

However the event is rising attraction and people are becoming more and more aware of this event. Supra race is always great to see and people do bid their respective teams and play a gamble. These events can be a serious opportunity of earning for gamblers but it is illegal to do so. People caught in it are punished by court.

Supra race is done on the man made paths that involves many hurdles, digs, acute turns and many more to test the tensile strength and make up of the car. It tests the driving skills of the driver alot. Winning teams are rewarded with money and also with great opportunities to make up their whole life.

There is lot more to be told about the SAE INDIA SUPRA RACE. Keep visiting us and we will keep you updated about the supra car race.

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