Airbags, Tech Advancements

Car Airbags

It is a vehicle safety device and are used in the car for the purpose of minimize the damage to the driver and other component in the vehicle in accidental case or during collision.

Air bags are made up of different stretchable fabric which is air proof and form in a shape of balloon. Air bars in cars implement to make the driver safe during a sudden collision or accident.

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Architecture and Design

How to Sketch Car

You should always ready with a new paper, pencil and eraser.Then first imagine the image of MINI COOPER in your mind or you can use a real image of car either a photo on paper or in mobile phone or in laptop.

Then concentrate the boundary line of image of car. After imagine or seeing the boundary of car you can start the sketching. Making the rough sketch of its boundary using light pencil.

After that identify the sharp corners and edges of image and make it fine using pencil.

Now you have to identify the easier and inner boundary part of car. So please choose the tires for that and completed the Tyre sketch. Now draw the curve part of mirror that are the easy one.

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Tech Advancements

Anti Lock Braking System

ABS “ANTI LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM” is a automobile safety device used in car to control the vehicle speed automatically.It also prevent the wheel of vehicle to locking up and skidding.Anti locking barking system mainly increases the safety of vehicle from accident and decreases the stopping distance of car.Due to anti lock brake system vehicle control increases.

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Company, History, Honda

History of Honda

Honda is the biggest manufacturer of internal combustion engines worldwide, with over 14 million engines developed Honda has established a name for itself. Understood for its bikes, the Honda CBR is one.

Honda has not limited its economy to bikes Honda has an excellent choice of SUVs, cars and trucks and trucks to its title now, and the Honda Accord is among the vehicles in its class today.

This guide will talk about the numerous models of Honda automobiles and SUVs and their own history.

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