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How to Sketch Car

You should always ready with a new paper, pencil and eraser.Then first imagine the image of MINI COOPER in your mind or you can use a real image of car either a photo on paper or in mobile phone or in laptop.

Then concentrate the boundary line of image of car. After imagine or seeing the boundary of car you can start the sketching. Making the rough sketch of its boundary using light pencil.

After that identify the sharp corners and edges of image and make it fine using pencil.

Now you have to identify the easier and inner boundary part of car. So please choose the tires for that and completed the Tyre sketch. Now draw the curve part of mirror that are the easy one.

Finally draw all component of car step by step like headlamp, front partnumber plate, bonnet, side mirror, door lock and etc.

Step To Sketch Car Or Automobile Sketch

  • To draw below sketch you first draw the boundary line of this car sketch.
  • After drawing boundary mark the position of all parts like mirror ,head light ,logo etc .
  • If you are new in sketching you should divide you paper in four equal parts by your pencil and scale.
  • After this imagine by seeing this sketch center line or two part of this sketch.
  • Then you can start with centre line or half part of sketch.
  • Try to make boundary in same scale.
  • Try to sketch first those part of sketch which are easy to sketch.
  • Try rough sketching of complicated parts.
  • After completion of this refine the sketch by improving complicated parts.
  • Give shade to differentiate fort part of car so that proper radiator should look below or into the front part of car.
  • Minute finishing require.
  • Sketch complete.
  • Thanks to read this please comment if you really learn something from these step

Start with the sketches and don’t give up on the first one. First one will obviously be not a good one. But practising the car sketches regularly will make a professional sketch. Follow the above steps and get going today.

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