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History of TATA Motors : Up to 2014

Chairman-Ratan Tata,Cyrus Pallonji Mistry
Revenue-34.7 billion $,2.28$(U.S) profit

  • 1991-It enters in passenger car & launch TATA SIERRA
  • 1992-it launch TATA Estate.
  • 1994-it launch Tata Sumo.
  • 1998-it launch Tata Indica then Indica v2.
  • 2004-it acquired Daewoo’s South Korea-based tuck manufacturing unit.
  • 2005-it acquire 21% stakes in Spanish bus manufacturer HISPANO CARROCERA.
  • 2006-it formed joint venture with Brazil based Marcopolo.
  • 2008-it acquire british car maker Jaguar , Land Rover & Daimler from Ford company.
  • 2010-it acquire 81% stakes in Italian design & engineering company.
  • 2012-it invest 6 billion rupee in Futuristic Infantry Combat vehicle with DRDO.
  • 2014-Managing director Karl slym (Died).

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