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Anti Lock Braking System

ABS “ANTI LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM” is a automobile safety device used in car to control the vehicle speed automatically.It also prevent the wheel of vehicle to locking up and skidding.Anti locking barking system mainly increases the safety of vehicle from accident and decreases the stopping distance of car.Due to anti lock brake system vehicle control increases.


Development of anti lock braking systems was done in 1929 for Air craft in French.In 1950 century is was used as in some bike in 1958 it was used in Royal Enfield.


Basically it consists of mainly three unit controller namely ECU “electronic control unit ” ,Sensors and  pump.

  • ECU-It monitor the speed of both the wheel of vehicle.
  • Speed sensor-these sensor are used to tell the speed of vehicle during acceleration and deceleration.these sensors generate the signal to ECU and monitor the speed of vehicle.
  • Pump-As hydraulic pressure is used in anti lock brake system the work of pump is to restore the pressure of hydraulic brakes.


ABS( ANTI LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM) decreases the stopping distance on less friction surface also. This system has been improved constantly ever since it has been installed in vehicles.

Components of a ABS are: Speed Sensors, Valve, Pump and Controller. Speed Sensors are not much valuable in slow speeds as there is an inappropriate flow of magnetic field and readings are not proper.

Pump is used to release the pressure back to the hydraulics after it has been release by the valve. Here the controller has the main functioning to control the amount of the pressure required to be released to reduce slipping. Extra pressure if released can cause slipping and unavoidable accidents.

In coarse grains like sand, pebbles and deep snow, ABS tends to increase braking distances. On these surfaces normal braking system locks the wheels and stuck them up. This can be prevented by using ABS which slows down the cycling time and repeatedly lock and unlock the wheels for proper working instead of jamming up completely.

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